Important Things Every Homeowner Should Know About Radon Testing

First off, you need to know what radon is. It is simply a colorless radioactive gas that is odorless and is produced by decaying uranium. Very low levels of radon are found in the air we breathe on a daily basis. Radon gas only becomes a major problem when it enters your home and gets trapped. Did you know that long-term exposure to radon leads to lung cancer? With this in mind, you need to have ways in which you could protect yourself from radon exposure at your finger tips. Below are more important things you need to know about radon gas and testing. Also, you'll want to visit website for in-depth info.

First of all, you need to know ways in which radon could enter your home and cause you dangerous health conditions. The gaps in walls and floors in your home offers radon gas an easy pathway into your humble aboard. It majorly moves from the soil into your home also through pores in concrete. It is not quite easy to know whether radon as found its way into your home unless you conduct radon testing so as to be on the safe side. You'll find this to be very helpful when doing your testing.

There are various ways you could test for radon so that you do not expose yourself to the risks of radon invasion. One of the ways you could test for radon is by the use of electric monitors plugged into a standard outlet. Electric monitors are found in both physical and online stores. There are different types of electric monitors that you could choose to serve your purpose. If unsure about which one to pick, you could ask for assistance so that you do not take the wrong gadget home. The gadget is used for both short term and long term so as to give you a running average on a daily basis.

Secondly ,there  is the a short -term test of radon .Gadgets used for this purpose are mostly activated charcoal -based or electric ion that checks on radon levels for two to seven days. You are then required to mail the tests to a laboratory of your choice for results. You can easily get access to short term test in hardware stores or even online retailers.

There is the long term radon testing that measure radon levels for about ninety days .It is more accurate as compared to the short term testing. You can get long-term radon tests through radon state agencies or online retailers. Also, do read this article to know the basics about radon: